EzDocFiler FAQs

Think of EZ Doc Filer as a tool that can take all the paper documents in your business and convert them into electronic documents on your computer- thereby allowing countless benefits of accessibility, productivity, and security?

It certainly is. In most cases, your office has all the hardware needed to run EZ Doc Filer. The program is so user friendly, each of your staff will be an expert in only a few minutes.

A Scanner is necessary to convert all the paper documents into files that go on your computer. Having a server will maximize EZ Doc Filer’s functionality by allowing you to easily search through your documents. Each user accessing the data base would need a computer with an internet connection to access any and all files.

Providing the computer meets the minimum system requirements and has an internet connection, yes. Users can log in from the office, their home, or any location with an internet connection.

We recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as you browser.

EZ Doc Filer’s approach is proven to save time and money by streamlining organization and functionality. At Imperial Software Systems, our primary focus was to design EZ DOC Filer so it can be used by everyone. We understand that the traditional way of document storage may still work, but with benefits that save time, save money, and improve customer satisfaction- we are confident that once you have EZ DOC Filer, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it.

Imperial Software Systems specifically designed EZ Doc Filer to adapt to each and every industry, no matter how simple or intricate. Our satisfied users operate in a broad catalog of industries such as real estate, title insurance, law firms and paralegal services, medical billing and scheduling, university and educational services, and more.

Yes. Visit www.ezdocfiler.com/testdrive for a full feature demo.

The demo also includes scan or email to EzDocFiler. See the Help section on the demo page for more info.


We don’t want you to miss out! Check out the EzDocFiler Lite live demo to see for yourself why it is the right DMS solution for your business. You can thank us later!