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EzDocFiler Document Management System (DMS)

Organize your documents with EzDoc Filer.
Save time - Save money - Access anywhere​

Document Management Overview


Benefits of a Paperless Office

  • Electronically Manage Records, Client Forms, or your Entire Office

    Leave the paper trail behind. Search through all documents with custom queries. Prevent lost documents.

  • Access documents anywhere, anytime, when you need them

    Scan documents from your existing copiers. Convert scanned documents to PDF files. Fully customizable document solution. Email docs to cloud

  • Save Time and Money

    Retrieve your documents easily. Eliminate your file cabinets and storage facility. Automatically archive file attachments.

In just a few minutes you can learn why EzDocFiler Lite is the perfect solution for your Document Management needs. Launch video below.

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Quick Comparison

EZ Doc Filer Lite is the ideal solution for a business that needs all the benefits of the full EZ Doc Filer, but doesn’t need the premium integration with a third party database system.

Uploaded, Scanned, or emailed documents will be stored in EzDoc Filer Lite’s secure cloud storage where they can be easily organized, imported, and exported in the same fashion as the complete version of EzDoc Filer. It is accessible from any device. Very mobile-friendly.

Documents can be uploaded thru the EzDocFiler web-interface or via email (or scan to email address).

EZ Doc Filer allows documents to be scanned into a database-managed system. EZ Doc Filer stores the documents on your server while integrating with your existing database application. This allows documents to have different search criteria catering to each company’s needs. EZ Doc Filer can be customized to accept files from several locations for your company’s convenience, such as email, fax, or a directory of files from your system. It can also deliver files to and from EZ Doc Filer via email, fax or have the documents posted to the web.

Sample EzDocFiler screenshot above. You can add files or folders via the web-interface or add documents via email or scan.  

We don’t want you to miss out! Check out the EzDocFiler Lite live demo to see for yourself why it is the right DMS solution for your business. You can thank us later!