"Organization Will Set You Free."

A. Brown

EZ Doc Filer will organize documents into a database system allowing for unmatched security and functionality. Finding your document is easier than ever thanks to EZ Doc Filer’s customizable search fields.

Don't Just Store It. Share It.

Once your document is stored safely in the database, you have several options to achieve a successful work collaboration. Print, email, or even fax the document without leaving your computer.

What's So Easy About EZ?

If you've ever used an internet browser- than you are more than qualified to use EZ Doc Filer. Since the program is completely Web based, you'll have access from anywhere with an internet connection.

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EZ Doc Filer allows documents to be scanned into a database-managed system. EZ Doc Filer stores the documents on your server while integrating with your existing database application. This allows documents to have different search criteria catering to each company's needs. EZ Doc Filer can be customized to accept files from several locations for your company's convenience, such as email, fax, or a directory of files from your system. It can also deliver files to and from EZ Doc Filer via email, fax or have the documents posted to the web.

EZ Doc Filer Lite is the ideal solution for a business that needs all the benefits of the full EZ Doc Filer, but doesn't need the premium integration with a third party database system. Scanned documents will will be stored in EZ Doc Filer Lite's simple database where they can be easily organized, imported, and exported in the same fashion as the complete version of EZ Doc Filer.